Civil & Commercial Mediation – Fees

Our fees are competitive

We have worked very hard to make our fees estimates as simple and as transparent as possible.  Fees are only charged for the agreed mediation sessions and are inclusive of preparation, travel and subsistence (unless otherwise agreed before engagement) and VAT where applicable.

Direct referral

Fees for civil and commercial mediation with a value of less than £100,000 are based on £60/ hour for a telephone mediation.   Fees for a face to face mediation are base on £80/hour for the mediation meeting. These rates are due in advance of the mediation for the agreed duration booked. Any overrun is charged at the same hourly rate.

Examples of fees:

For face to face mediation the time estimation is based on the complexity and total value of the dispute.  As a general guide to fees:

  • Full day (10 am – 5pm) is £560 per party (total £1,120)
  • 4 hour face to face mediation is £320 per party (total £640)
  • 3 hour face to face mediation is £240 per party (total £480)
  • 2 hour face to face mediation is £150 per party (total £300)
  • Additional hours are charged at £80 per hour per party.

For a claim less than £5,000 a telephone mediation is most cost effective resolution method.  Our fee is £30 per party, per hour.  Most telephone mediations are settled in 2-3 hours, that is £60-£90 each.

Commercial Claims valued over £100,000

For claims of a value of over £100,000 please contact Mediated Dispute Solutions to discuss your specific requirements.

About Telephone Mediation

  • The time will depend on the issues to be resolved and the value.
  • We are experienced at telephone mediations and have successfully mediated many international cases using telephone mediation (the time estimate and charge may vary a little if unsocial hours are a necessity).
  • We use a mix of conference calls and 1 to 1 calls initiated by the mediator using Skype, FaceTime, mobile or landline telephone calls.  International mediations always require a web-based communication method.

Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Referred

As one of the Provider’s of Mediation Services, we often receive referrals from the MOJ website the guideline rates for mediation services can be found at this link  A summary is as follows.

In disputes with an aggregate value of less than £50,000 referred through the MOJ website the MOJ fee – scale is followed (
• £5,000 – £15,000 a face to face mediation lasting up to 3 hours at £300 +VAT per party.
• £15,000 – £50,000 a face to face mediation lasting up to 4 hours at £425 + VAT per party.

Notes for all mediations

1. Any costs arising out of the hire of meeting rooms are the parties’ responsibility. Mediated Dispute Solutions can offer help or advice on locating rooms
2. The aggregate value = the value of the claim + the value of any counter – claim.
3. The mediator’s fees must be paid in full before the mediation as stated on the invoice otherwise the mediation may be cancelled or postponed at the mediator’s discretion.
4. The above fees are inclusive of travel and subsistence but normally exclude travel of more than two hours per outward or inward journey; or any exceptionally incurred expenses.
5. To be able to give you a firm estimate of the cost of mediation more information is required from all the parties, including:
– how many parties are involved;
– confirmation of the value of the claim and confirmation that there is no counter – claim, or its value if there is one.

We have offices

We have offices in Woodford Green, Essex and in Diss, Norfolk which may be available for mediation at no additional cost.

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