Inviting the Other Party

The first step

Often, once parties know about mediation as a process to resolve their differences they are happy to give it a try. The first step is for the party who wishes to mediate to invite the other party in writing to independent mediation, indicating it’s the preferred option before contemplating legal action.

The CAB at provides some information on financial disputes, including a draft letter to use before going to court.

We can make the contact for you

If the other party is reluctant to consider mediation, or does not respond to the invitation to mediate, Mediated Dispute Solutions can contact them, explain about mediation and invite them to mediate. A charge of £30 [inclusive of VAT] is required to offset the administration. This fee is non – refundable and is payable by the requesting party.

When both parties want to mediate

If both parties agree to mediate then a mediator can make contact with them directly and tell them about the process of mediation. A mediation can also be set up very quickly. Mediated Dispute Solutions and its mediators can help manage the process.

The mediator is an independent neutral

As they must not compromise the independent and neutral nature of mediation, Mediated Dispute Solutions an d its mediators cannot provide legal advice to either party.

Who else to contact

Parties may wish to consider consulting their legal advisers.

Money Claim Online at also provides information about using the courts to resolve disputes about money or goods.

For further information or a no obligation discussion please contact us.