Civil & Commercial Mediation – More about us 

We are an accredited provider

Mediated Dispute Solutions is one of the accredited mediation providers appearing on the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), Civil Mediation Council (CMC), National Mediation Providers Association (NMPA) and Family Mediation Council (FMC) websites.

We comply

Our code of practice, training, insurance, complaints procedures, and DPA registration all comply with CMC requirements.

Cost effective mediation for all

Mediated Dispute Solutions is a cost – effective mediation provider. In civil and commercial claims referred via the MOJ website where cases have a value of under £50,000 (in aggregate) it follows the MOJ guidelines for fees. For claims over £50,000 its mediators discuss fees directly with the parties.

Speak to a mediator from the first call

The administration for Mediated Dispute Solutions is undertaken by our mediator-directors to the point when the parties have agreed to mediate. A mediator is then appointed and all further arrangements are made by the mediator who offers a personal and direct service.

We have history

The commercial roots of Mediated Dispute Solutions were established through Mediation Solve, which provided mediation for almost 15 years, initially under the National Mediation Helpline and, since its inauguration, via the MOJ mediation web page. They also grew out of mbmediation which for over 10 years has been providing mediation services to the professions.

Our mediators are all accredited both in mediation and their chosen professions

Our mediators are all accredited both in mediation and their chosen professions. The result is a bespoke group of mediators who are very experienced in mediation over a wide aspect of community, civil and commercial mediation from local neighbourhood disputes, to large business, professional and commercial disputes. Cases range from pro bono work to multi – million pound commercial claims.

We mediate where you are

Our geographic mix means we can cover most of England and Wales. It is rare that one of Mediated Dispute Solutions’ mediators cannot undertake a case but when necessary we have access to a wider community of mediators .

Commercial disputes

Commercial disputes can involve companies, PLCs and partnerships not only externally but internally between directors and partners. Mediated Dispute Solutions has developed a special expertise in dealing with such situations from helping agree memoranda of understand to financial dissolution and contractual agreements.

Other services

Family mediation

Through Mediated Family Solutions a full range of family services can be supplied. Our family mediators are fully FMCA accredited by the Family Mediation Council and can hold statutory MIAMs and if necessary sign the court exemption forms for C100 and Form A applications. See the Mediated Family Solutions page.

Mediated Dispute Solutions also provides pro – bono services for charities and charitable institutions.

For further information

For further information or a no obligation discussion please contact us at Mediated Dispute Solutions Ltd.