Complaints Procedure

Our commitment

We are committed to providing a high – quality service to our users. We consistently seek to improve our service standards. We take all comments and complaints seriously and aim to learn from them.

If you are not satisfied with the level of service you have received from Mediated Dispute Solutions, or one of the mediator(s) involved in your case, we would like to hear from you, even if you do not want to make a formal complaint. If you do need to complain, we hope that we can not only resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, but also can put things right and review our procedures.

Please address all complaints to:

Mediated Dispute Solutions

85 St Barnabas Road

Woodford Green




Your complaint will be investigated by Mediated Dispute Solutions Ltd. Please note that if your complaint is against one of our directors or mediators, he/she will take no role in conducting the complaint investigation.


Information Required

Please provide:

  • Your full name (and email address) to which a response should be sent.
  • Advice as to whether your complaint is about the service provided by Mediated Dispute Solutions or one of its mediators.
  • Details of your complaint, including details of names, dates, times etc.
  • A factual account of events, together with details of what you think is wrong and how you would like it to be corrected.


  • All complaints will be treated seriously and regardless as to whether they are made in person, by phone or in writing.
  • All complaints will be treated confidentially.
  • We will accept your complaint by telephone, e – mail or letter.
  • If it is registered by telephone, we will set out your conversation with us in writing and forward you a copy for you to agree within five working days, together with the contact details of the individual dealing with the complaint.
  • We will acknowledge contact by email or letter within two working days, together with appropriate contact details.
  • All complaints and comments will be examined thoroughly to identify any patterns.

If the complaint is about Mediated Dispute Solutions, one of its directors, our administration, or our website, we will:

  1. Investigate and respond within five working days of the acknowledgement letter.
  2. Set out in our response:
  • The details of your complaint and confirm that we have correctly interpreted it.
  • The background, issues and circumstances around it.
  • Whether we have made a mistake or not.
  • Why we have reached our decision.

If the complaint is about a mediator, we will:

  1. Forward the complaint to the mediator.
  2. Seek confirmation from the mediator that a full response will be sent to you within ten working days of receipt of the complaint by the mediator.
  3. If a response cannot be sent out within ten working days, then we will ask the mediator to explain why there will be a delay and a revised timescale will be issued.
  4. Provide you with the mediator details for any further enquiries regarding your complaint.

The mediator will be asked to set out a response as follows:

  • The details of your complaint confirming that we have correctly interpreted it.
  • The background, issues and circumstances around it.
  • Whether a mistake has been made or not.
  • Why that decision has been reached.