How much will Mediated Family Solutions cost?

Family mediation starts with individual, separate and private sessions with each client at a cost of £90 inc VAT per person per hour.

The fee for a MIAM and certificate is £90 inc VAT. It is hoped that both parties will be willing and joint mediation will take place.

Joint family mediation is £120 (inc VAT) per hour. This can be split between the parties at a cost of £60 per person per hour.

Each session is usually booked for up to two hours.

Preparation of Summaries

The estimated cost of summaries will be discussed with the parties prior to undertaking the work. Estimates start from £60 inc VAT per person. There will be a cost for preparing each document as required (Memorandum of Understanding, Financial Disclosure Summary and / or Parenting Plan).

Legal Aid

If you and your family are on a low income then you may qualify for legal aid for mediation. This may include your ex-partner. If you think you might be eligible for legal aid you can use this link to do your own calculation. Mediated Dispute Solutions does not offer legal aid for mediation but we can give you advice as to where to find a practitioner or you can look yourself using this link to the CAB.

If you need additional help, we can provide a list of local contacts

In our experience, a lot of couples are confused and not sure if they want to divorce. As independent mediators, it is not appropriate to advise what one party should do. We can help you find Solicitors, Counsellors, Family Therapists and Financial Advisors who we have worked with before. In addition a divorce strategist may often be able to help at an early stage.

Suzie Miller is well-connected and fully supports amicable peaceful divorces. Her link may offer some independent support and help you to work out if divorce or separation is really what you want. We will welcome you back if you decide to separate, if not we wish you well for the future.