The benefits of Mediation for Small Business Disputes

Going through the court process often results in legal costs that outweigh the claim. It is not just in terms of money.

The cost to the reputation of a small business and the time to sort out dispute can cancel out any gains. Also the distress, inconvenience and financial pressure as a customer or supplier cannot be underestimated.

If you are defending you don't get a choice about whether or not to be involved in a dispute. You might ask if there is anything you can do to avoid costly court proceedings. The answer is to mediate. Why not suggest going to mediation to the other party as soon as possible?

Although it is usual for parties to meet together at some point during the mediation, if one or both parties prefer not to meet this can be organised.

Mediation is quick.

Most mediations can be held within a few days depending on the availability of the parties. Generally small business disputes will mediate in less than a half of a day, lower value disputes can be resolved by telephone mediation in less time. We offer telephone mediation between 8am and 8pm.

When one person won't say yes to mediation - see our FAQs.

Mediation is flexible.

The resolution can be creative. The court is constrained by only making an award in financial terms. Mediated solutions can be wide and far reaching. For example, a formal apology, changes in the way future disputes are resolved, better ways of working between parties as well as replacement of faulty goods or cash alternatives.

How much will Mediation for Small Business disputes cost?

Face to face mediation where the mediator meets the parties usually takes 3-4 hours for cases with a value up to £50,000. Please see the information tab for our competitive fees.

We are aware of the time constraints and need for value for money for customers, small businesses and their suppliers, so we offer a telephone mediation service from £60 (inc VAT) per party per hour. Telephone mediation usually takes 2-3 hours and can be arranged between 8am and 8pm. Contact us and we will give you our estimate of how long it will take to find resolution.

The cost of mediation is a deductible expense if you run your own business.

Where cases are referred through the Government's provider website we follow the Ministry of Justice fee scale.